Outdoor Fireplace Design and Construction

Outdoor Fireplaces in your backyard

Outdoor fireplaces are typically a focal point in a yard which can be configured to your needs. Options include outdoor cooking areas, planters or even storage.

Enjoy heat from the fireplace

Enjoy your cozy time with seating around your new outdoor fireplace.

Easy to start fire.

We can run a gas line to the outdoor fireplace making it easy to start. Spend your time enjoying your outdoor space.

A stone focal point in your yard

Outdoor fireplaces are often a major focal point in a yard with the stone structure standing tall.

Privacy in your yard

As most outdoor fireplaces stand quite tall, this area typically provides privacy and a very comfortable spot to enjoy in your outdoor living room.

Wind protection

Having a stone wall with heat can give you protection from the wind and make for a comfortable back yard space.

Include a kitchen with your fireplace

Our landscape design team can include an outdoor grill or complete outdoor kitchen into your fireplace structure. Allow us to show you some photo options of our work to help give you ideas for your yard.

Outdoor Fireplace Design and Construction

Since 2008, Infinity Gardens was founded with the aims to create modern and innovative landscaping projects. Since then, we have had quite the impact on the Calgary landscaping industry. Our hard work, dedication to service, and skilled craftsmanship have led us to win numerous awards and become featured in Home Renovation magazine.

One of our specialties is constructing outdoor fireplaces. An outdoor fireplace can be a nice touch to your backyard. They’re great for open-flamed BBQ’s, wiener roasts, and backyard camping excursions. Hosting a bonfire is the only excuse you need to for an evening of food, drinks, and great conversation.

At Infinity Gardens, we employ journeyman masons that will build and install your outdoor fireplace to the exact specifications you desire. Whether you’re looking for an elaborate setup or simple fire pit to place lawn chairs around, we will ensure your vision comes to fruition with a design that is both sleek and elegant while complementing your existing landscaping.

While we take pride in our work, awards, and craftsmanship, Infinity Gardens was founded on the belief that our work is more than just a landscaping project to you. We understand that we are building part of your home, where you’ll spend time with your kids, socialize with your friends, and make memories that will last a lifetime. This is what drives our dedication and the reason we will not leave until you are completely satisfied.

If you are in need of a deck or shed or any other landscape construction project, call Infinity Gardens today at 403.938.5512 or reach us by email at info@infinitygardens.ca.

Outdoor stone fireplace constructed in a sunroom. Outdoor fireplace with wood strucure panels to provide privacy and restrict wind. Outdoor fireplace created with stone walls on patio on garage wall. Outdoor fireplace with a view.

Extend your outdoor enjoyment

Designing and building an outdoor fireplace will provide the heat you need to extend your time enjoying your yard.

Add a BBQ or grill

We have many outdoor fireplace designs that incorporate a BBQ or even specialized grills to make your cooking experience outdoors fantastic.

Add a storage space for your wood or BBQ supplies

Having a clean space built into your fireplace structure for storage of wood or supplies makes the outdoor space clean and tidy.

Hot dog or marshmallow roast

Such an enjoyable family time is roasting hot dogs or marshmallows in your outdoor fireplace. Make fun family memories in your own yard.