Patios and Fence Design and Construction

Patio and fence design in your yard

Some of the most common design features in a landscape design is the patio and the surrounding fence. Why not make the small details exceptional so your yard can become the oasis you have always wanted.

Stone patios

Whether you choose real stone or stone blocks, patios can be a strong visual feature of your yard.

Poured concrete patios

An option to stone is poured concrete patios. They can be finished with the look of stone and provide an option for your patio design and construction.

Creative designs in stone

Curved or rounded patio block designs can provide a stunning look while also creating different visual spaces.

Sturdy gates and fences

Creating smartly designed fixtures such as gates and fences will prevent maintenance issues between seasons as the ground adjusts in our weather.

Modern fence designs

Allow us to show you many fence design options including modern designs, which can make your fence a focal point in a yard rather than just a barrier.

Low maintenance fences

There are many options for low maintenance fences such as chain link, vinyl or composite. We can show you photos of fence options to ensure you enjoy your outdoor space instead of maintaining it.

Outdoor Fireplace Design and Construction

Since 2008, Infinity Gardens was founded with the aims to create modern and innovative landscaping projects. Since then, we have had quite the impact on the Calgary landscaping industry. Our hard work, dedication to service, and skilled craftsmanship have led us to win numerous awards and become featured in Home Renovation magazine. Landscaping is more than just laying sod or building a flower bed. Infinity Gardens can also build you the perfect patio or fence for your home.

With our work featured in Home Renovation Magazine and having been the recipients of numerous awards, Infinity Gardens was founded with the aim to bring quality craftsmanship, courteous and professional customer service, as well as an innovative and modern design to our projects.

Your fence or patio project is no different to us. Whether you want a simple wooden fence to give your yard a bit more privacy, or a picturesque white picket fence, we can construct your fence out of a variety of materials and will ensure that it complements your present yard perfectly. The same goes for your patio. We can build anything from simple to extravagant out of materials from brick to paving stones or a more natural stone material. A patio is a great place to relax on a warm summer evening or hang out with your friends or family.

While we take pride in our work and will not leave your project until you are completely satisfied, what separates us from our competition is our understanding that to you this is more than just another job. Our projects are building part of your home, where you’ll make memories with your friends and family and that is not a task to be taken lightly.

If you are in need of a fence or patio or any other landscape construction project, call Infinity Gardens today at 403.938.5512 or reach us by email at

Stone patios designed with curved stairs Poured concrete patio added to this landscape design Landscape design with large patio and seating area. Sturdy fences and gates constructed in this Calgary yard.

Design your sidewalk to flow into your patios

Your yard can flow from high traffic areas to cooking or seating areas with a beautiful patio as part of the backyard landscape design.

Proper installation in our weather

It is important in Calgary climates to properly install your patios to limit heaving or cracking. Let our professionals assist you in building you new patios.

Understanding fence rulings and restrictions

Our experience in landscape design and construction will ensure your fence is designed and built within proper restrictions and locations.

Low maintenance fences

Although more costly, ask us about different fence options for your yard to keep your outdoor living space beautiful and maintenance free for many years.