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Since 2008, Infinity Gardens has effectively established ourselves as the go-to landscaping company in Calgary. With our innovative and modern designs as well, an elite level of craftsmanship and courteous service, we’ve been honoured with numerous awards as well as featured in prominent trade magazines such as Home Renovation.

This success has led us to branch off into the commercial landscaping industry over the past few years, where we have quickly seen our customer base grow with satisfaction. One of the areas we specialize in commercial landscaping is in summer landscaping maintenance. Keeping your business’ property neat and tidy during the summer months can go a long ways to keeping your customers satisfied and maintaining a professional image.

Our summer maintenance service package will include four separate visits to your property. During these visits we’ll pull weeds, cut your lawns, and fertilize up to four times a year. Two of those times we’ll use a slow release fertilizer to ensure your grass stays green all summer long. We will prune any trees or shrubs as required every 4-6 weeks and help to maintain the edges around any flower beds.

Your business’ landscaping and outside appearance is the first impression made on a customer. We will do everything in our power to make sure that the results of our work are positive, while saving you the time and stress of having to do tedious manual labour.

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