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Infinity Gardens has been in existence since 2008 but in that short amount of time we’ve grown from the dream of one man to an eager start up, to one of the premier landscaping companies in Calgary. Our hard work, sleek and innovative designs, as well as impeccable attention to detail from our skilled craftsmen have led us to be featured in Home Renovation magazine as well as being honoured with numerous awards.

This unquestionable success and level of customer satisfaction in residential landscaping has led us to branch off further and begin a commercial division. In the two years our commercial landscaping division has been in business we’ve seen our skill, reliability, and experience translate into satisfied commercial clients.

One of our most common commercial services is weed control and fertilization. A lush green grass that is free of weeds can give your current or prospective clients the right first impression of your business. The opposite of that is true if your grass is browned or full of weeds, giving it an unkempt appearance. You wouldn’t invite guests over if your house is a mess, so why should your business be any different? Our commercial weed control and fertilization service will bring a professional herbicide and pesticide applicator to your property to spray down your lawn in order to ensure it is green and tidy throughout the year.

If your commercial enterprise is in need of our weed control and fertilization services or any of our other commercial landscaping services, call us today at 587-315-3273 or contact us via email at

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