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Since 2008, Infinity Gardens has quickly established itself as one of the top landscaping design companies in Calgary and have been the recipients of numerous awards, as well as featured in Home Renovation Magazine. More than just basic landscaping, we also specialize in building decks and sheds for your yard.

When our founder, Stanley Rector, started this company, he set out to bring unique designs and a modern approach to landscaping, which is how we tackle any project including your deck or shed. We partner with some of the best landscape designers in the business and will take every step necessary to give you a deck or shed that matches your vision, as well as perfectly complements your yard.

Whether you are looking for a deck to enjoy a nice outdoor meal, lounge around with a glass of wine and a good book, or host an evening with friends, we can build the deck for you. The same goes for our sheds. We can custom build the interior or exterior for whatever your storage and style needs are. Both our decks and sheds are built by a journeyman carpenter so you have confidence in his craftsmanship and ability to execute your vision.

Based upon our founding philosophies, at Infinity Gardens we understand that no matter how big or small the landscaping project is for us, for you this is part of your home and where you will make memories that will last a lifetime.

If you are in need of a deck or shed or any other landscape construction project, call Infinity Gardens today at 587-315-3273 or reach us by email at

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