Landscape Irrigation Designing Services

Landscape Irrigation Designs

Since 2008, Infinity Gardens has made quite the splash in the Calgary landscaping market. We’ve been the recipients of numerous awards and had our work featured on Home Renovation magazine. However, we take care of far more than just the fluff work of laying sod or sprinkling some mulch to make your yard look beautiful. At Infinity Gardens, we also employ an irrigation specialist that will keep your yard looking alive and well during the dry summer heat.

Irrigation work can be tricky and if a landscape company does not employ an irrigation specialist, you may find your project quickly starts to go off the rails. Luckily, Infinity Gardens has ample experience dealing specifically with irrigation and are able to install a variety of systems in your yard from rotating heads to keep your grass green, or drip line tucked beneath the mulch of a flower bed to keep them vibrantly blooming. An irrigation system can remove one more thing to worry about from your weekly schedule by automatically watering your outdoor lawn and plants while remaining out of sight and out of mind.

Though our superior craftsmanship and pride in our work will be what turns your neighbour’s heads, it is our dedicated service that will have you referring them to us. Infinity Gardens was founded on the belief that our work is more than just a construction project to you, it is part of your home and that home will be part of the moments that will last forever.

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