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Don’t have time to shovel snow? No problem. Don’t like to shovel snow? No problem. Tired of surprising bills at the end of the month? Not anymore. For whatever reason you have, we can have your snow removal taken care of. And on budget!

Our snow removal services include UNLIMITED snow removal. That means that if it snows every single day in a month, we will be there. There is one fixed price, one great service guaranteed. Our commercial service is among the best in the industry at competitive prices. We will clear anything from townhouse communities, stores, shopping malls/centers, condo and apartment buildings and industrial buildings.

How this works is you pay an agreed rate for 6-7 months during the winter. This way you don’t have to think about the weather and you know exactly what you are paying every month. Our full premium service includes unlimited sidewalk clearings and icemelt, and unlimited days of parking lot plowing with sand application after each clearing. Our staff is trained well in the equipment use and safety and we want to do a good job.

We also know that snow can happen day or night. Which is why we have a 24 hour phone number that you can call to get a hold of someone in an emergency. Infinity Gardens Inc. is exactly what you need this winter.

For more information on our snow removal services please call us at 587-315-3273 or contact us by email at

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