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In 2008 Stanley Rector founded Infinity Gardens with a passion for modern and innovative landscaping, we’ve grown from a low key local start up to one of the most respected premier landscaping companies in Calgary. Our work and dedication to customer satisfaction has garnered us numerous awards and our skilled workmanship has led us to be featured in Home Renovation magazine.

After storming the residential landscaping industry leaving a trail of satisfied customers and glowing reviews in our wake, we’ve decided to tackle the commercial landscaping business as well. In the two years since we’ve launched our commercial division, the results and reviews have been equally rewarding!

One of the areas we specialize in is sprinkler start-ups and blow outs. Because of Calgary’s icy cold winters, your underground sprinkler system must have all the water blown out each fall to avoid freezing and shattering pipes. Our professional irrigation technicians will connect an air compressor to your lines to ensure all of the water is properly flushed out from your system. This will avoid costly breaks that can destroy huge segments of pipe and make a mess of your property.

Even a properly blown out sprinkler system can be damaged over the winter so when we start it up in the spring, we will check to ensure it is running properly and free of any leaks or broken heads. After this, you can get started watering your lawn immediately.

To book a sprinkler start up or blow out, call us at 587-315-3273 or send an email to info@infinitygardens.ca for more information.

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