Water Feature Design and Construction

Many options for water features in your yard

Our professional landscape design and construction team can bring you the peaceful sound of running water with water cascades, streams, ponds or smaller features like stone bubblers.

Water Blades

Often with a modern design, a stone water blade can give you a unique look. Add lighting for evenings and it is a popular feature everyone will talk about.

Water in small spaces

Add a rock bubbler or two to your gardens will bring a peaceful sound of running water and the birds will enjoy a stopover for a quick bath and a drink.

Lilly pads and Ponds

A garden pond can be a beautiful addition to you garden. As us for sample photos of some of the garden ponds we have designed and constructed

Fountains in the garden

Water features in the garden can also include fountains of all sorts and sizes. Another attraction for birds, fountains are beautiful to watch while you are relaxing in your back yard oasis.

Water Falls

Having water fall areas designed into the stream create wonderful focal points in the yard. Seeing the sheets of water cascading over the rock is absolutely beautiful.

Towering Stone bubblers

We can create you a tall stone bubbler feature in your yard to bring a different look to your backyard landscape design.

Water Feature Design and Construction

Since 2008, Infinity Gardens has made quite the splash in the Calgary landscaping market. We’ve been the recipients of numerous awards and had our work featured on Home Renovation magazine. Making your Calgary garden landscape a peaceful experience often comes with the addition of a water feature.

When we started this company, we set out to bring unique designs and a modern approach to landscaping, which is how we tackle any project including your water features. We have the best landscape designers in the business and will take every step necessary to give you a deck or shed that matches your vision, as well as perfectly complements your yard.

Whether you are looking for a simple water bubbler in your yard or creating a cascading stream with waterfalls and a pond, we have the ability to execute your vision.

Based upon our founding philosophies, at Infinity Gardens we understand that no matter how big or small the landscaping project is for us, for you this is part of your home and where you will make memories that will last a lifetime.

If you are wanting to add a water feature or any other landscape construction project, call Infinity Gardens today at 403.938.5512 or reach us by email at info@infinitygardens.ca.

Pond and waterfall in Calgary backyard. Tall stone water feature display with bubblers and cascading water backyard water features in Calgary garden Gallery Thumb 1

Water feature maintenance

With our cold winter climates, we can provide you options for your water feature maintenance.

Stone types and colours

We can design the water features with different stone types and colours which can completely change the look of your water feature.

Bubbler shapes and sizes

You may want a short round stone as a bubbler or choose towering stone pillars as major focal points in your landscape design.

The calming sound of water

You will not have to travel far to enjoy the peaceful sound of running water. Get away in your own yard and enjoy the oasis we can design for you and your family.